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Hotels & Resorts Mystery Guest Visits
Mystery Visits (facilities)

Our Mystery Executives will assess your facitities in your venue. We will examine all locations on ambiance, maintenance and hygiene. 

Spa & Wellness Mystery Guest Visits
Mystery Visits (services)

Our Mystery Executives will assess your services and staff. Your employees will be judged on selling skills and guest relations. We jugde the quality of your offerd services and compare price to quality ratio.

Bars & Restaurants Mystery Guest Visits
Mystery Visits (full assessment)


Our Mystery Executives will assess your entire organisation from top to bottom. Your facilities, staff and all services including hygiene and effectiveness will be assessed. This package includes your employees' client relationship and selling skills. You will recieve an extensive report including consultation on improvement strategies on all points.

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Golf Course Mystery Guest Visits
Video Marketing

Hotel Mystery Visits now offers a new revelutionizing service. Our marketing and video specialists capture the emotional experience of your guests by experiencing your hospitality and special features. We customise and help develop special features and services that make your hotel or resort unique. We create exiting video's of guest experienceses and promote it on several social media platforms.

If you are curious what we can do to promote your hotel and expand your business, please feel free to contact us at


Marinas & Yacht Clubs Mystery Guest Visits
Employee Training

In addittion to one of the mystery visits (facilities, services or full assesment) Hotel Mystery Visits provides your management and/or employees on the job training towards guest relations, sales and/or effectiveness of work. 

Marinas & Yacht Clubs Mystery Guest Visits
Quality & Saftey Policy

Guest and employee Quality and safety should be a hotel, resort or leisures company's first priority. Therefore a practical safety policy ready to use on a daily bases should be in place. Our Safety Officers are specialised in policy making. They analyse your organisation and train your personell to have an eye for saftey hazzards. Your staff gains the skills to resolve quality and safety problems. Hotel Mystery Visits can also organise and supervise health and safety inspections for your organisation.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs Mystery Guest Visits
Guest Workshops (Netherlands)

Treat your guests to extra experiences by booking one of our spectaculair workshops. Our activity specialists give your holiday or business guests an active or relaxing experience at the start or at the end of each day. All workshops we offer are seen on our activity workshop page and include; Yoga, Bootcamp Fitness, Team Building, Archery, Mountainbiking, and Bamboo Building. Make your offers unique combining these sportive activities with your regular activities.

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Eco Friendly.jpg
Eco Friendly Solutions

Guests are getting more and more aware of the environment and make choices accordingly. Being more sustainable in your hospitality will get you an advantage over your competitors. Hotel Mystery Visits can advise you how to be eco-friendy, more sustainable and give you the edge, that will make guests choose your organisation above others.

Eco Friendly

Een app ontwerpen
Value added services

To improve your business even further our business experts review your business model and services. Hotel Mystery Visits will advise you how you can increase your business even more by adding value through other services that suit your organizations' possibilities and preferences.

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Hospitality Team

Would you like to organize an event or promote your business, but you do not have the right people to meet the high hospitality services you need? Please contact us to use our hospitality or promotion teams. Our employees are highly qualified and representative ambassadors for your business. 

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