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Hotels & Resorts Mystery Guest Visits
Hotels & Resorts

Our core business is to assess hotels and resorts on service excellence. We can include all aspects of a resort including SPA & wellness centers, golf courses and marina's. We even assess multiple hotels or hotel chains. Our Mystery Guest Executives visit every facility and write a full report of the venue and its services in order to improve service towards your guests and therefore achieve growth.

Spa & Wellness Mystery Guest Visits
SPA & Welness Centers

In your SPA or Wellness Centers our Mystery Guest Executives examine your employees' guest relations and service. They will check all facilities and treatment rooms on comfort and ambiance. Health and beauty treatments will be endured and assessed on service, health, comfort, price vs. quality and foods. A full report will be discussed with the management and staff.

Bars & Restaurants Mystery Guest Visits
Bars & Restaurants


In bars and restaurants our Mystery Guest Executives will first assess the ambiance and quality of food and beverages. Second, price vs quality is an important aspect of the mystery visit. Third, the service and efficiancy of your hosts, serving and kitchen staff. Last we examine selling aspects of your employees. How can they generate more revenue by ad and cross selling your products or services?

Golf Course Mystery Guest Visits
Golf Courses

The venue and fairway itself are two important aspects for a players' choice of a golf course. A beautifull well maintained and challenging golf course will appeal to every golfer. Players judge the course on difficulty, layout, grooming and scenery. On top of that golfers appreciate excellent hospitality of the clubs' facilities as well as your teams' hospitality services.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs Mystery Guest Visits
Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Choosing a marina is determined by location, accessibility, availability, amenities, the type mooring and the age and condition of the marina. Of course guest services and facilities in the marina or yacht club itself are vital for a visitors experience. Our Marina experts will assess all aspects of the marina including safety aspects.

Event Centers Mystery Guest Visits
Event Centers

Event centers used for business meetings or major entertainment events differ in clients' conditions for venue and services. Depending on your goal and venue HOTEL MYSTERY VISITS assesses your organisation. Together with management we discuss objectives and suggestion for imporvents of the facility and guest services. We also organize workshops for your guests.

Bungalowpark Mystery Guest Visits
Bungalow & Villa Parks

Just like hotels and resorts, bungalowparks are full service organisations with many facilities. We can include all aspects of a bungalowpark including bungalows or villas, bars and restaurants, shops, pools. We even assess multiple parks within your chain. Your personell will be assessed on guest relations and sales. Our Mystery Guest Executives visit every facility and write a full report on the venue and its services in order to improve service towards your guests and therefore achieve growth.

Image by Ryan Spencer
Bed & Breakfast

For privately-owned accomodations like Bed & Breakfast, city apartements, rooms, holiday villas etc. Hotel Mystery Visits creates value to increase your business. Our advisors will restyle your accommodation, promote your accommodation on Airbnb, etc. and improve your buisnessplan with you so more guests will book with you. They will suggest products that add value to you accommodation and therefore increade profits.

Festival, Concert & Event Locations

What does a visitor experience at your event? Visitors go to an event for an unforgettable experience. Smoot running of facilities and catering therefore are crucial to any event. As is friendlyness of staff and quality of food and beverages. Our Mystery Guest Executives assess your festival, concert or event location on all of the above.

Sport Veunue & Events Mystery Guest Visits
Sport Venues & Events

Whether your venue or event is used for professional or recreactional sports, athletes and visitors are the for one main reason,.... enjoyment. The use of facilities and services have a enormous effect on their experience to your location. HOTEL MYSTERY VISITS Mystery Guest Executives assess all aspects of a visitor and/or athletes' experience.

Water Park Theme Park Leisure Park Mystery Guest Visit
Water-, Theme- & Leisure Parks

Safety and having fun are two main aspects of a visitors' experience to your water, theme or leisure park. At HOTEL MYSTERY VISITS we examine all aspects of a guests' visit. From entrance to rides and from service excellence to extra sales of personell, our professionals review the entire visitor experience from top to bottom. On top of that HOTEL MYSTERY VISITS can assess day to day safety aspects for visitors in the park itself.

Private Resorts

Location, luxury and sublime service and comfort. That is what it is all about on private resorts. A guests' experience sits within the smallest details of the resorts facilities and service. At HOTEL MYSTERY VISITS we obtain an extremely critical view on your resort and its personell. Our Mystery Guest Executives report on every single detail of a guests' experience.

Cruise Ships Mystery Guest Visits
Cruise Ships

What sets your cruise ship apart from others? Whats makes the experience extra special for your guests? Our Mystery Guest Executives look for highlights of onboard accommodations, dining and entertainment, as well as ship itineraries and service excellence. A full scale report of your ocean liner and its service on board is presented to management and/or staff in order to achieve service excellence and therefore growth.

Airports Mystery Guest Visits
Airports & Airlines

Hotel Mystery Visits can also visit hotels at airports or the airport terminal and staff itself. Mystery Guest Executives assess service personell and check venues for clear signing, cleanliness, facilities etcetera. Your management will recieve a full report on all aspects of the airport. We also examine airlines' services at airports and services in airplanes themselves. Rather have a full client experience from booking online to departing the airplane at their destination. Hotel Mystery Visits can assess every aspect of the experience.

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