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HOTEL MYSTERY VISITS was established in 2010 in the Netherlands. Now operateting in 10 diffrent countries troughout Europe, North America, Africa and throughout the Middle East, the company has grown tremendously until 2020 and will continue to grow in 2021. This success is dedicated to our mission to excel in improving guest experiences for our clients at any level. All our Mystery Guest Executives have many years of experience counselling in the Hotel and Leisure industry. 


HOTEL MYSTERY VISITS devises and runs mystery guest visits on behalf of hotels, resorts, bungalow parks, health spas, golf courses, theme parks and sport venues. Within these facilities we assess restaurants, bars and other catering industry. We attend and monitor public events from festival and concert venues to symposiums, trade fairs and event centers. Our Mystery Executives also examine sport events such as football matches, atletic games and sport stadiums in general.

Most of our clients are hotel and leisure companies from The Netherlands, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Greece, Hungary, United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany. Upon request we can provide our services in other countries where your business is situated.

Mystery Guest Visit Hotel Room
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